Into my depths I think my life is full of a lot of waiting. Glad Tumblr is good for that.

I`m starting all over again. Tony, I hope you`ll be good to me.


Studded Chalk Paint Pumpkins | Cuckoo 4 Design

Is it too early to share pumpkin DIYs? Well I figure if they can start selling Christmas trees and ornaments in August then I can share Halloween DIYs in September! And these are some of the coolest pumpkins I’ve ever seen - that pink one in the middle is my favourite. And bonus - when your pumpkin is all sad and melty you can use the studs on another project!

Although the term “friend zone” is ostensibly gender-neutral, it is used most often to describe male-female relationships, where the male is the friend-zonee and the female the object of unrequited desire (in fact, when I conducted an informal straw poll among my friends to see if we could find examples of the reverse, the only ones we could come up with were Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” and an episode of the Disney Channel series “Even Stevens”). This is not because women are “friend-zoned” less frequently than men are, but because women are conditioned to be less vocal about their sexual desires. “As a girl, if you are friend-zoned, you don’t come out and say, ‘Oh, that guy is such an asshole, he’s putting me in the friend zone,’” says Star, the co-author of “How To Get Out of the Friend Zone.” “You internalize it a little and say, ‘Oh I must be doing something wrong.’” 6 reasons the “friend zone” needs to die - (via brutereason)


I’ve been laughing at this for twenty years

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. – Karim Seddiki (via seyfrieds)




Bats illuminated by lightning

Oh my god fishheadned look


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