Into my depths I think my life is full of a lot of waiting. Glad Tumblr is good for that.


I have a Facebook page and it’s pretty much the only place on the internet where I have left comments open for people to reply to posts, usually reposts from other places like here. It’s a feature I consider turning off, but only when I actually look with my eyes and brain, so it’s cool. Every time I announce a new print there’s always one or two people who say the same thing, always along the same lines, that I should stop doing the prints and do whatever other thing the person in particular thinks I should be doing. The overall implication here is that this person sees a thing I have done with some amount of time and assumes I do NOTHING else the rest of the time. How someone makes that leap of logic is actually impressive and terrifying in its stupidity, and one of the main reasons my new world order is mostly freedom of speech-free, a terrible, wonderful world where people are not allowed to speak without first having been granted the right and the actual physical ability to do so! 

At birth these people are implanted with a device that leaves the person the ability to think but closely monitors what it is they’re about to say. Any thoughts that don’t pass muster are greeted with a painful surge of electricity. Any actual attempt to say or type out that thought is greeted with a debilitating shock that results in electrified shits that, even when fully passed from the body, fire terrible arcs of energy at the host. Only when the device determines that the person is thinking something worth saying and capable of doing so in a clever, interesting manner, does the device open the gateway so that the person’s vocal cords, brain, and muscles work in collusion with expression of non-stupid as hell things. The thoughts are all routed through a remote control center on the moon manned only by perfect robots.

Here, check this out. This is in response to the new Creepachu prints JR Goldberg and I did. This fine, young gent apparently loves me so much that he can’t stand me wasting my time on art that I enjoy!

Wow what a deal! 2 pictures for 60$ stop selling these stupid prints and start writing again you lazy fuck!”

Like I said, this happens at least a few times with each print I do, and I get the thinking behind it, but this form of expression would never be possible in the world of tomorrow. This was my response:

 I’ve no idea what you do when not writing ignorant posts on the internet so for me to say “Start being even more of a shit for brains!” would be presumptuous for my lack of actual information on your potential shit for brains actions that I DON’T get to read about, so for you to assume you know what anyone is or isn’t doing just because you don’t hear about it is, though in keeping with your shit for brains ignorant presentation here, pretty absurd. I know you mean it as a backhanded compliment to what you’d rather see me doing, though, so thanks, and grow some manners instead of more ignorant balls.

I’ll respond like that maybe once per print, and it quiets things down a bit, but if you know anyone with such a disrespectful attitude towards an artist, maybe even out of a displaced sense of like for that artist, please, do them a favor and wipe them from the earth because the world of tomorrow will not be a friendly place for them.


You’re my hero.

art (c) Aquillicarts 2012

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